About EMBE

Who We Are

My name is Mollie Maistelman and I am the founder of EMBE. I am creating EMBE to give women a go to option when it comes to clothes that simplify the travel experience. Not only are these pieces comfortable, but they are versatile. The woman who wears EMBE will be able to wear the pieces on a plane, in a car, exploring a new city or out to dinner with some newly made friends. They will maximize your luggage space by giving you one piece of clothing that has multiple uses. 

EMBE represents compassion, strength, empowerment and being yourself. I want every person who wears this brand to embody all of these things. 


At EMBE, I strive to offer a sustainable option in the ever wasteful world. We are working towards becoming a FULLY sustainable brand by 2021. This is so important to the brand and I am working tirelessly to find the best manufacturers and source the best materials. All of the products you buy are shipped in recycled packaging and can be recycled easily. Also, for every order we will plant a tree with Tree-Nation. Click here to find out more about our sustainability efforts.